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Quantity and quality of sensual activity are sometimes related Cheap Fabio Borini Jersey , and there is definitely a threshold of frequency for each individual that is necessary to maintain sensual happiness. But can the frequency of a man’s sensual activity have other benefits beyond helping to maintain that all-important male organ health? Interestingly enough, recent evidence suggests there may be a link between sensual activity and memory – and the link seems to be positive.

Good sensual activity, good memory

People often talk about “mind-blowing sensual activity,” but some scientists think intimacy has the opposite literal result – it makes it easier to remember things. How so?

As with so many things involving science, it all starts with animal studies. A study published in 2013 looked at rats and the effect sensual activity had on the hippocampus region of the brain. The hippocampus is an area crucial for memory function and retention. The scientists studied what happened when rats had sensual activity and found that one result was an increase in neural activity in the hippocampus.

Now a human study has indicated the same may be true of humans. While this was a small trial involving only 78 people – all of them women – it does support the information found in the animal studies.

The study

Published in the Annals of Sensual Behavior Cheap Davide Calabria Jersey , the study was conducted by investigators at McGill University. The scientists interviewed study participants and asked them how often they engaged in male organ-female organ coupling. The participants then took a test which assessed their ability to memorize words and faces. In general, women who had sensual activity more frequently did a better job of memorizing words than did women whose rate of intimacy was less frequent.

There wasn’t much difference between the two groups, however, when it came to memorizing faces. But that outcome actually supports the theory that the neural activity in the hippocampus is increased from sensual activity.

Why? Because word memorization is largely focused in the hippocampus. Facial recognition is more dependent on areas outside the hippocampus.


Clearly, one small-scale study is not enough to definitively establish a sensual activity-memory link Cheap Cristian Zapata Jersey , and other factors could impact the outcome. For example, since only women were involved in the study, it’s difficult to know whether such a link might exist in men. Since the study looked only at male organ-female organ penetration, its application to gay activity or oral sensual activity or self-pleasuring cannot be assessed. And finally, there’s always the possibility that some of the participants may not have been accurate in their self-assessment of how often they couple. (Male readers may want to think about how likely they might be to exaggerate their own level of sensual activity when asked Cheap Carlos Bacca Jersey , even in a scientific setting.)

But if future studies back up these findings – and especially if they are proven relevant for both genders and for all forms of sensual activity – it may mean a revolution in the way people study and learn. For example, students cramming for vocabulary exams may want to increase their coupling activity. A guy making a presentation that involves lots of unfamiliar words and phrases may want to include a few self-pleasuring breaks while he works on his PowerPoint slides.

Whether there is a memory link or not, most men would enjoy increasing the frequency of intimacy. And with that goal in mind, they need to keep their equipment healthy via regular application of a top drawer male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). For best results Cheap Antonio Donnarumma Jersey , the selected creme should include both pantothenic acid and retinol. Pantothenic acid (also known as vitamin B5) is a vital component of healthy manhood tissue, and retinol (also called vitamin A) is a great weapon against aging skin and blemishes. A member that looks and feels healthy gives a man greater confidence and pride. All of us have memories of playing with toys. We may have been rich or poor, thin or fat, sick or healthy, precocious or withdrawn in our childhood but we all have memories of playing with toys. As children Cheap Andrea Poli Jersey , we loved toys and this was a universal trait that bound us with all other children irrespective of race, caste, sex, religion, geographical and cultural differences. And many of us Cheap Andrea Conti Jersey , despite reaching adulthood, still love to play with toys.

So let us take a peek into the history of wooden toys. A look back reveals that all civilizations of the past had made toys for their young ones. Since the beginning of time, the children of mankind have spent many happy hours amusing themselves with toys.

Give a child a doll or a ball and he or she will come up with a game around it. That is the reason why wooden balls painted as well as unpainted, tops clay, wooden or stone Cheap Andrea Bertolacci Jersey , toys pulled by a string, dolls and animal figurines were popular toys of the ancient world.

Today, the archaeologists have uncovered various toys from the excavations that suggest that the children of all the civilizations from the Roman Empire to the Egyptian civilizations played with toys. Apart from the toys mentioned above, children played with wooden blocks, hoops Cheap Andre Silva Jersey , rattles, kites, marbles and even small chariots.

The history of toys reveals that wood was the most popular raw material used to make toys. In fact, it is only in the past two hundred years that wood has lost its prime position. Till then, wood was the preferred material for making toys. The Industrial Revolution made it easier and safer for metals to be used as toys.

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