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Laken Tomlinson Jersey

If you want to escape from modern living and have a highly individual A'Shawn Robinson Lions Jersey , all-inclusive luxury vacation in one of the most beautiful locations in the world then look no further than Strawberry Hill, a former coffee plantation perched 3000 feet high in the spectacular Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

The plantation was set up some three hundred years ago and once belonged to Horace Walpole, the Earl of Orford, who took the name from his estate in England, although strawberries were, and still are, grown there. As well as Strawberries, the lush gardens and winding trails are also home to some three hundred different plant species, including some very exotic varieties. The main building sits atop a mountain with sweeping views over the mountains and crystal waters of the Caribbean, whilst the guest accommodations are situated on the slopes to ensure complete privacy.

This is no ordinary all-inclusive resort. Strawberry Hill has just twelve Georgian-style guest villas which are absolutely stunning. Each one features romantic four poster bed with delicate muslin drapes, French doors on to spacious private verandas and fully equipped kitchens or kitchenettes. Jamaican art and photographs adorn the walls and bathrooms are simple with terra cotta and hand glazed tiles and deep bath tubs.

Dining at Strawberry Hill is an absolute delight. The chefs combine traditional local dishes and spices with international recipes to create what they call New Jamaican Cuisine. The excellent restaurant attracts not just tourists but artists Taylor Decker Lions Jersey , writers and politicians from Kingston society who make the forty five minute journey up into the mountains regularly so savour Sunday Brunch and relax whilst discussing the issues of the day. Indeed, Strawberry Hill used to be a bolt hole for the Rolling Stones and the late Bob Marley during the eighties.

As if all this isn't enough Strawberry Hill also boasts the Caribbean's only full serviced Aveda concept spa. The root of Aveda's holistic spa philosophy, Elemental Nature, is based on the five elements found in nature, namely infinity, fire, water, air and earth. Guests are asked to fill out the Aveda Elemental Nature questionnaire when they arrive so that the therapists can create personalised treatments based on your own elemental nature to bring you back in to balance. Some of the wonderful treatments on offer include the Fusion Stone Massage, the Body Elixir and the Himalayan Rejuvenation Treatment which is guaranteed to nurture the body and relax the mind.
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Does your horse grab at the bit and either run to or after a jump? Does he rush down the lines? Or does he do a little dance to the jump? Here are a few things to try with your horse to slow him down while jumping.

Riding a horse that likes to rush around a course or to and from a fence is no fun. There could be a few reasons why your horse is acting this way. He may be sore or your tack might not fit properly. Your horse may be nervous about jumping a certain height.
Maybe going down a few inches will boost his confidence as well as yours.

Also, take into consideration his age; is he really ready to jump at this height? Before you start jumping your horse, he should be well schooled on the flat and can walk Laken Tomlinson Jersey , trot and canter properly. Going back to the basics might help your horse to better understand and listen to your cues over fences.

Back to Basics

Before you take your horse over another fence, there are three important things you and your horse should be able to do:
1.Your horse should have a nice steady rhythm. You should also be able to regulate his rhythm; make him speed up or slow down when asked. Your horse should go around the arena in a nice steady and even pace without rushing when heading towards to gate or slowing down when not asked.

2.You as a rider should be able to keep your horse forward and straight. How are you going to ask your horse to go to a fence if he is zig zagging and swerving all over the arena? You should have your legs on him and his front legs should be in line with his hindquarters and not all over the place.

3.You must also be able to give the proper cues and have control. If you do not have contact with your horse’s mouth then you have no control. You must be able to tell your horse what to do without him getting confused. You can’t kick him to go forward and pull back on the reins at the same time.

4.Do a lot of circles and transitions, such as walk to halt, trot to canter and etcetera in your flat work. Doing these types of exercises will help you to give your horse better cues and he will be paying more attention to you, your cues and your aids.

Not only will these exercises make him pay attention to you, but they will also help him to get into better shape and become more balanced.

Work on your basic flat work for a week or two and see how your horse is then. If the problem still persists, here is another trick you can try.

Placing Poles

Placing poles are just trotting poles in front and or behind of a jump that will make your horse pay attention to where he is placing his feet and allowing him to slow down and think about what he is doing.

What you will need to do is set up a small cross rail. Place a pole about nine feet away from the base of the cross rail. You can start out by just using a pole in front of the jump. If your horse still seems to be moving forward to the jump, you can place another pole about ten feet from the backside of the cross rail. These poles will encourage your horse to think about stepping over the pole(s) instead of speeding to or afte. Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping   Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China   Wholesale Baseball Jerseys   Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys

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