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The Life Of Scott Cao The Life Of Scott Cao January 10 http://www.broncosfansproshop.com/Bronc … l?cat=1325 , 2014 | Author: Harriett Crosby | Posted in Customer Service
The violin is only as good as the violin maker is. In the field of music, the violin is one of the most delicate instruments of all because it will take a really good pair of hands and a good eye to pay attention to details to make a really good one. When it come to creating really good string instruments, mister Scott Cao is known to be one of the best that

He was originally a luthier that worked in China some time during the seventies. Because of the revolution of Mao Ze Dong at that time, he decided to move home and find a new life in the United States of America. Now, he is a very famous violin maker who works in a place named Campbell located in California.

It was during the cultural revolution of China wherein mister Scott Cao first got his taste of violin making. Before he even discovered what this art was, he was a farmer who made a living with getting crops and selling these crops. When a master violin maker came to the area, he took interest in mister Cao and offered him apprenticeship in making exquisite violins and other string instruments.

Mister Cao took interest in this and eventually was offered by the teacher a program wherein mister Cao would become a student. From there, he took up a course in the Guangzhou Institute of Professions and learned all about violins and how to make and repair them. Some time in the late seventies, he graduated from this institute and continued his career as a luthier or violin maker.

In the year 1985, China opened itself to other countries which gave mister Cao an opportunity to travel to America in order to start anew. In America, he studied under some of the most famous names when it comes to violin making. He studied under great names such as Hans Weisshaar http://www.broncosfansproshop.com/Bronc … l?cat=1295 , Louiz Bellini, and Roland Feller.

When he learned and perfected the trade, he decided to open up his store with a partner known as Hideo Kamimoto. His target were musicians who are not very rich as his instruments are of top notch quality but extremely affordable to anyone. From this little store, he decided to come up with his own brand name called Scott Cao Violins.

Eventually, he decided to move back to the United States of America and create a shop somewhere there. He became very famous when he entered a lot of violin making contests and getting awards there. He was so famous that violinists like Itzhak Perlman, Nigel Kennedy, Bin Huang, and more used his violins.

So as one can see, mister Scott Cao is a great example of making a very famous name out of himself by doing something that he really loves. He has even made very good copies of the famous Stradivari designs of violins. Because he has is so good at paying attention to details, he can make some of the best sounding instruments ever.

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