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p>Patrice Motsepe Cheap New Balance 574 , Founder and CEO of African Rainbow Minerals: I am a businessman from South Africa. I was the first Chairman of the BRICS Business Council. I saw how the BRICS countries, but Africa in particular, benefited immensely from the growth of the Chinese economy as well as from trade with China. I have no doubt that the rest of the world has benefited immensely from trading with China. My question is: The WTO's Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) entered into force earlier this year. China has been an active supporter in this area. What will be the major challenges in enforcing the agreement? And what further steps will China adopt to advance global trade facilitation?

Premier Li: You raised a very important question, particularly in the context of the growing backlash against globalization. There have been as many as 3 New Balance 574 Sale ,000 protectionist measures adopted by various countries in the past ten years since the outbreak of the international financial crisis. The entry into force of the Trade Facilitation Agreement, which was adopted by theWTOin 2013, would be beneficial for global economic recovery and for guiding market expectations.

The TFA is the first multilateral agreement on trade in goods China acceded to after joining the WTO. The Chinese State Council completed domestic procedures for its ratification in less than two years. As things stand, some one third of the WTO members are yet to go through ratification procedures. We hope all parties will work together for the TFA to be fully implemented this year. According to estimates by experts New Balance 574 Shoes , the TFA, once implemented, will add at least one trillion US dollars to global trade. That would undoubtedly be good news for a steady global recovery.

While observing the TFA, China will advance trade facilitation as much as possible in line with its national conditions. First New Balance 574 Suede , we will consolidate the mandate of various agencies to streamline customs clearance procedures for businesses by establishing "single window" service centers.

Second, we will make customs clearance faster. We intend to shorten the time needed for customs clearance by another one third this year, and will aim to meet the most advanced international standards regarding customs clearance procedures and speed in the not so distant future.

Third, we will enhance cooperation with other countries New Balance 574 Classic , particularly in mutual recognition of inspection between regulatory authorities, to avoid repetitive procedures and lower costs for businesses.

These are the technical measures we will take. What is most important, I believe, is that we must recognize the valuable role of free trade in boosting global economic recovery. Trade liberalization and investment facilitation is the hallmark of free trade. When everyone acts to promote free trade with an open-minded approach New Balance 574 Mens , this will provide consumers with more choices and compel domestic companies to innovate and upgrade. In the meantime, we should take account of the varying national conditions of different countries, and adopt measures to cushion the impact on certain sectors through consultation among countries on the basis of mutual understanding and mutual accommodation. But overall we need to keep to the right direction.

Professor Schwab: Mr. Premier, I want to take this opportunity to ask you a question about the development of the Internet and digitization. The Internet Plus policy is a very important national strategy. But if we look at digitization New Balance 574 Womens , we can no longer make differentiation between digital industries and old-fashioned industries. Today, every industry is digitized. Could you share with us what your experiences and challenges are in this aspect? Particularly, how the international business community could be more meaningfully engaged into China's efforts of overall digitization of its economy?

Premier Li: The introduction of the Internet has given rise to a mushrooming of new forms of business. And big data application has become a trend. We must adapt to this trend in order to seize as many opportunities as possible. Traditional industries did come under challenges. I once cited the example of physical stores going through the painful experience of confronting or even conflicting with online shops. Now many physical stores have also opened their own online stores, which has made them more competitive. As we can see New Balance 574 , notwithstanding the numerous challenges, we have more ways and means to overcome them.

The Internet Plus strategy the Chinese government has been advancing is inherently open to the world. We have in China a large number of cloud platforms that are attractive to foreign businesses or individuals. Foreign companies are getting registered on such platforms in large numbers. In sectors of basic telecommunications and value-added services in China, many business areas are now open to foreign investors, which represents the highest level of openness so far among all developing countries. This means tremendous opportunities for foreign firms.

Furthermore, China has over 900 million mobile broadband users and over 730 million Internet users. We are also actively advancing cross-border e-commerce. Foreign companies can sell their products and services on the e-commerce platforms. Nothing is impossible as long as you act on your ideas. In this process, the Chinese government will exercise prudent yet accommodating regulation to make sure that foreign companies can grow together with Chinese companies and join in our efforts to boost the Chinese economy and deliver greater convenience to the Chinese people. For the online economy to attract more consumers, security is the precondition. We must work together to crack down on fraud, sales of fake and shoddy products online#9# and theft of trade secrets.

To conclude, let me emphasize one point. Just now a few business leaders have asked questions and introduced their businesses. I hope all the del

By Micha.

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